I’ve been fortunate to have been able to conduct a few interviews but prior to this one I sat down and actually asked myself what was the point of the interviews in general. With the Internet, one simply can go online and research any company they want to know about- it was then that I…


We’re on a mission here at Fab.com to make design approachable, affordable, and just plain fun for everyone.

Since opening our doors just a few months ago - in June of this year - we’ve already had the pleasure of meeting nearly 1 million design enthusiasts, as our membership is growing…


Too Much Moneyball - Movie Trailer

The story of the New York Yankees and their strategy for success.


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FRIDAY OCTOBER 21ST @ CINEMA BOREALIS -1550 N Milwaukee Ave 4th Floor




My office. I found the desk on the side of the road. It’s my first grown up writing desk. I used to write on a sheet of plywood streched across two sawhorses. Then I upgraded to a table from a yardsale. Then I found this. I hadn’t been writing much for about a year, but as soon as I saw this…

We could not be married in Israel because of Erin’s official lack of Jewishness, despite the fact that we are observant Jews who keep Shabbat and a kosher home. (Our marriage certificate is from the state of Illinois.) Likewise, our daughter could in the future be legally barred from marrying the person she loves in Israel. If the laws continue as they are, the two of us will not be able to be buried in the same state-run cemetery, and our daughter would be excluded from burial in a Jewish cemetery when her life is spent. She’ll be a citizen, just as we are, and she’ll serve in the army, just as Ariel did. But if the status quo persists, she will go from cradle to grave knowing that in the eyes of the government of the state of Israel she is not a Jew.

Raising a Daughter in Israel Is Newly Challenging – Tablet Magazine

This is a powerful piece by Erin Kopelow and Ariel Beery. They’re a couple who married in the US, moved to Israel — which recognizes same-sex foreign marriages — and are now worried that their daughter might be legally barred from marrying the person she loves, and that they won’t be able to be buried together.

It reads like a sadly common story of lesbian couples around the world. But here’s the thing: while Erin Kopelow is a woman, Ariel Beery is a man. Israel, it seems, is increasingly discriminating against non-orthodox Jewish married couples in much the same way as other countries discriminate against gay married couples. Which I probably wouldn’t even have noticed, had Ariel not been a relatively common girl’s name.

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Haver Li is a volunteer based animal welfare charity, helping dogs and cats.

To raise funds for its activities, Haver Li is holding a design, fashion and music fair in Florentin, Tel Aviv. About 15 designers will offer original hand made designs for sale, including shoes, shirts, bags,…